Have you heard of the Parrot Anafi Drone? If not, here’s a brief introduction to this extraordinary product.

Although Parrot was no stranger to the world of robots before this, they’ve created their own version which can make incredible eye-catching noises. This is one of the great innovations in the robotics industry and should be seen by all. The best part is that it’s waterproof! If it was not waterproof, it would probably be just another toy.

The robot is powered by powerful arms, mouth and back legs, and has LED lights for night time use. It can move in all directions with both its front and rear legs, has a sensor that lets it know when it’s turned or rising, and is fully waterproof.

When we say Parrot, we don’t mean those cheap imitation toys they’re always using in the place of real birds. This is Parrot the original parrot simulator that many professional birders use. These birds have special needs, so they need training, but they’re incredibly rewarding to work with.

The Anafi comes in several color options and is small enough to fit into a pocket for travel anywhere that may become necessary. It’s also great for taking along on the road and traveling to your birding destination for your vacation. Parrot Anafi drones come in different models, and the good news is that all the different models are the same price, except for the cost of the transmitter.

Parrot Anafi drones are easy to fly. All you need to do is attach the transmitter to the Parrot Anafi’s battery and then click it on and off with the supplied remote control. Then set it up wherever you want it and go birding!

If you are considering purchasing a high quality parrot simulator, you really have to see this drone. If you don’t like the idea of keeping a machine in your pocket, why not purchase something that you can carry with you when you’re going on vacation? Maybe, even as a vacation gift!